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Darrik Moberg

I'm looking for work

I'm currently seeking a new full-time position. I'd love to use my experience and accessibility knowledge to help build robust, usable products. I'm open to positions working on the front-end, back-end, and everything in between.

Roles I'd be a good fit for

Developer tooling

I really like building things for developers. I enjoy the problems in the space and have formally or informally worked on developer tooling my whole career. I also find that I have a pretty good intuition around the product and usability. I love getting into the head of developers using a product and advocating on their behalf. Developers also often need "progressive disclosure of complexity", which often presents it's own challenges. I also care a lot about the little things, like docs, changelogs, and semver.

Developer advocacy

While working at Nacelle, I got to be an internal stakeholder for our API while building out SDK's and example sites for our users. I'd love to do that more. I'm really comfortable working with internal teams, solution architects, and other stakeholders to bridge gaps and make products better. I'm also pretty good at building proof of concepts and exploratory projects that use systems in creative ways. If your team needs blog posts, videos, or docs to make it easier to use your product, I'd love to help with that too.

User-facing applications and API's

Outside of my time at Nacelle, all of my experience has been building internal and external web applications. Generally, I'm best at product-focused developer roles where I can learn a system deeply and work to improve it. I have a good grasp of web accessibility and love using that knowledge to make accessible experiences (bonus points if your org does user testing).

I'm comfortable working from DB to front-end, and am a pretty wide generalist so am happy to hit the ground running with new programming languages if your team uses something new to me. Though I'll admit I'm a sucker for component-driven front ends, but am very comfortable using "traditional" templating languages.

Previous duties I've enjoyed

Examples of my work

Most of my work has been in private repos. But there are a few things you can see:

Contact Me

If you think I'd be a good fit for your team or a role you know about, reach out. You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I'm also working on setting up a contact form that'll notify me when you fill it out. I'll update that here when that's done.

Get in touch

Fill out this form to reach out to me about a job, ask questions, or just chat. I'll do my best to get back to you in a few days.


    While I've had this "for hire" page for a while, I was inspired to recreate it after seeing Taylor Barnett-Torabi's version.