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Darrik Moberg

I'm Darrik Moberg — Full Stack Developer

I have a life sciences background and am currently working in the public sector. I mostly code using web & backend technologies. I enjoy working on user-centric products and using technology to streamline user experiences and workflows. I'm also strongly committed to building accessibility-first tools and products.

Things I've Made

  • IT Shark Tank Presentation

    My employer started a version of "Shark Tank" where employees could pitch ideas directly to IT management. I pitched an idea to improve collaboration and communication in the division by using a forum to centralize knowledge. Two other people submitted similar ideas, so they grouped us together. To help make our presentation stand out, I spun up a quick site using Vue, Vuetify, & hosted it with Netlify. This site served as the slideshow for our presentation and was a big hit among both the "Sharks" and the 2 peers I presented with.See Code

  • Gatsby Theme Soundboard

    This is my first Gatsby Theme. It was inspired by a twitter conversation I had with Sarah Drasner and Jason Lengstorf. It creates an accessible soundboard on any site. It allows the sounds to trigger side effects (such as lambda functions) when a button is pressed.See Code